The journeys are the travellers

What we see it´s what we are

Don´t worry about transportation

The organization will have shifting in bus included in the PREMIUM registration.

Since your arrival at the airport or train station from A Coruña or Santiago de Compostela te 14 September till you return to the airport or train station the 22 September you will be able to enjoy bus service for your displacement between the lodgings, stages and dinner locals.

Each day, a bus will pick you up from the lodging to the start of the stage.

After the stage and the meal it will take you to the lodgings again.

The transport will serve to take you to the dinner locals and back to the lodgings.

The companions who have the PREMIUM registration will have also the right of transport ant the start of every stage, at the end of the same and to the locals where the dinner will take place, and again, back to the lodgings.

This service will be only to runners or companions who have the PREMIUM registration.

Each bus will have personal from the organization on board to settle any incident.

We pray punctuality to avoid delays in the previewed timetables.