Despite you don´t see us

we follow carefully your way

Your steps may be followed from any point in the world

The world of sportive events it´s nowadays in expansion and every day more necessary is using tools that support the events control, and guaranty the safety of every participant that competes.

Trileuco Solutions prestigious galician enterprise that has a sportive events platform named Tracktherace.

The main usefulness is the complete system of GPS following that allows to locate each participant at any moment of the race.

Each participant has to take with him a GSM/GPS device, using the telephonic lines he will be informed of his location, allowing him to build a map where we will know the location of every runner at any moment.

This race map can be checked from any device with internet connection, while the event or reproducing it after the event.

The benefits for every outdoor event are:

  1. It allows to know at any moment the head or the tale of the race.
  2. Facing an emergency we can know the exact location.
  3. It allows to detect if any participant is getting out of the way given by the organization.
  4. It helps plan the installation or dismantle of provisioning.
  5. It allows families to know the evolution of the participants.
  6. It allows to install in the finish line area a station where the event can be broadcasted.
  7. It guaranties a big diffusion of the event by the internet situations that only the participants will have known.

The GPS device has a very small dimensions (70 mm * 40 mm * 25 mm) and a weight of 60 gr.

The device will be delivered at the start of each stage and it will have to be returned at the end of them.