In which kilometer they are?

Tracktherace has the solution

Monitoring of the situation 24 hours a day

Would you like to see how your runner or team is going? Would you like to send him supporting messages every night? Would you like to know how he climbs positions in the clasification day-to-day?.

So we are lucky, Tracktherace its an online platform which would let us follow the situation of every participant in the race.

In addition you will be able to send him supporting messages for the participant to read them while they recover for the next day stage.

This race view can be checked from any device with internet conection, during the race or reproducing it after it has finished. Whichever it may be your position in Costa da Morte you will be able to follow the event evolution.

The benefits that contributes to any outdoor event are:

  1. It allows to know at any moment the head or the tale of the race.
  2. Facing an emergency we can know the exact location.
  3. It allows to detect if any participant is getting out of the way given by the organization.
  4. It helps plan the installation or dismantle of provisioning.
  5. It allows families to know the evolution of the participants.
  6. It allows to install in the finish line area a station where the event can be broadcasted.
  7. It guaranties a big diffusion of the event by the internet situations that only the participants will have known.