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I can never enjoy the views from the top

Regulations Ultra Trail Costa da Morte 2018


  1. The Ultra Trail Costa da Morte 2018 - as known as UTCM 2018 - it´s a race that takes place the forest and mountain by stages in the Costa da Morte (A Coruña - Spain), it starts in Caión (A Laracha) and finishes in O Pindo (Carnota) organized by the sports association Costa da Morte Outdoor Sports with ID G70526934 and domiciled in O Pindo (Carnota - A Coruña).
  2. The participation in the UTCM 2018 will be individual or in pairs.
  3. ºThe UTCM 2018 will be celebrated from the 15th to 21st September 2018 with a total around 265 kms and 9000 mts of positive incline.


  1. The participation in the race means accepting the present regulations.
  2. The minimum age for participating in the UTCM 2018 will be 18 years old, aged till the day of the event (15 September 2018).
  3. Print, fill and bring signed to the dorsals pick-up the document of deposition of responsibilities and declaration of physical aptitudes, that you can find in the ATTACH 1 of this regulation, where the participants registered in the UTCM 2018 declare among other points, that they participate on a voluntary basis, under their responsibility, and having the physical and health requirements needed to join a race with this characteristics.
  4. Bring a valid medical document with tests of effort, correctly filled by a collegiate doctor who certificate that the runner is able to participate in an ultra resistance race by the mountain. The resistance test must have been done the year before the start of the UTCM 2018 (between 15/09/2017 and 14/08/2018) and it has to be sent to the organization and to the info@utcm.run address before 15 August 2018. The organization keeps the right of verifying the information. See model in the ATTACH 2 of this regulation (it doesn´t have to be exactly this model but it has to include at least the same information).
  5. The participant must justify, at the moment of the inscriptions, have finished at least 3 events of trail or mountain races of 40 kms minimum distance. He must attach the classification of each race in pdf format as well as indicate your position in the general classification.
  6. To acquire de dorsal and all the documentation necessary to participate in the UTCM 2018, the registered must present personally a ID document with photo.
  7. The dorsal will be always visible, located in the front of the runner, it couldn´t be cut or folded and will be always shown to any member of the organization that requires it.
  8. The participant must have the appropriated preparation to front the kilometers and incline of the race.
  9. The participants must know how to use and follow the track of a GPS and have notions of mountain that allows them to calculate the partials between the kilometers and the incline of the race. The participants must know how to guide themselves and interpret with a route map in case of being lost.
  10. The runners must be perfectly informed about what is the UTCM® 2018 and have the knowledge, experience, material, and physic and psychological level to face and surpass possible problems related to the ultra resistance, incline, orography, and wild environment, like: fatigue, digestive problems, muscular and arterial problems, contusions, mild wounds, cold, wind, fog, heat…etc.
  11. The runners must have done every step and requirement of the registration correctly.


  1. The registration could be done only through the web arranged by the organizer, http://www.utcm.run.
  2. The registration will be only valid when the payment of the 100% of the registration amount by every individual or couple participant is done when the data has been verified and when all the conditions indicated in the present regulation are respected.
  3. The maximum number of participants in the UTCM 2018 will be 50 individual participants and 25 couples.
  4. Registrations can be made from January 1, 2018 until July 31, 2018, provided that there has not been before the limit of the requirements provided in this regulation.
  5. The basic services included in the registration are the following:
    1. Participation in the event: dorsal, timing and GPS locator.
    2. Presents for participating in the UTCM 2018.
    3. Civil responsibility insurance of the organization, sportive accidents insurance, medical service, physiotherapy and podiatry insurance.
    4. Provisioning during each stage and the end of them.
    5. Dinners from the 14th to the 21st September 2018 (8 dinners).
    6. Closing UTCM 2018 meal the 22nd September.
    7. UTCM 2018 documentation: general information, daily agenda, stages, meteorological conditions, route papers from each stage with maps and incline tracks.
    8. Transport of backpacks at every stage from start to finish area.
    9. Finisher present to all the participant that finalize every stage from the UTCM 2018 arriving always inside the established times.
  6. Premium services of the registration:
    1. Option of hiring a bus service from the Santiago de Compostela and A Coruña airports and train stations Friday 14th September (pick-up about 16:00h) and return to the mentioned airports and train stations from A Costa da Morte Saturday 22nd of September at 17:00h.
    2. Option of hiring a bus service from the lodgings to the starts of the stages and from the arrivals to the lodgings the 7 competition days.
    3. Option of hiring lodging through the organization the nights from the 14th September to 21st September 2018(8 nights).
    4. Meals at the end of each stage (8 meals).


  1. The prices of the different inscription options are indicated below. This prices can be subject to special discounts or offers that the event organization would considerate opportune.
    1. BASIC: Includes all the basic services of the UTCM 2018, but not the lodging or the transport, they will have to be managed by the participant: 475 € 405 €/runner (VAT included).
    2. PREMIUM: Includes all the basic services of the UTCM 2018 inscription including transport and lodging: 900 € 765 €/runner (VAT included).


  1. Refunds for cancellation WITHOUT refund guarantee: the registrations could be cancellated, regardless of the reason, with the following conditions:
    1. Refund of 75% of the amount if the cancellation is made till 31 of May 2018.
    2. Refund of 50% of the amount if the cancellation is made between 1 of June and 31 of July 2018.
  2. Refund for cancellation WITH refund guarantee: The ones who have acquired the refund guarantee (additional cost of 75 € for BASIC mode runners and 115 € for PREMIUM mode runners) will receive a refund of 100% of the total registration amount ( not including the guarantee hiring amount), provided that is an off sick justified by a medical certificate that the participant must present to the organization. This guarantee concludes the 31 of July.
  3. In both cases request the cancellation will be necessary to send an e-mail to info@utcm.run requesting the cancellation, the date of the e-mail receipt will be used to establish the conditions of the refund according to this regulation.
  4. Requesting the cancellations after the 1 of August will mean the loss of all the amount paid.
  5. In the event that the cancellation affect only one member of the couple, the vancant will be reserved for 30 calendar days so that another person can inscribe on the same team, if the deadline of July 31st is reached, the couple inscription rights will be automatically loss and we´ll proceed to refund the amount according to the initial cancellation date.


  1. In case of the organization decided to cancel the event due to a lack of registrations that make it impossible to perform the event, the complete amount of the realized inscriptions will be refunded.
  2. In case of the event total or partial cancellation for a mayor cause that does not concern the organization, a partial refund of the amount will be realized based on the expense made by the organization.
  3. The adverse weather conditions take part of the possible conditions of the race and will not be a reason to cancel it, except in case of extremely conditions that could risk the physic integrity of the participants.


  1. If the event day, the previsions are worst than the expected and could be a risk for the participants ( electric storm, low visibility, strong squalls, strong winds…) the start could be postponed or it could be cancelled/neutralized if it has started.
  2. If a few hours ago finally the conditions don´t get better the current stage will be suspended.
  3. In that case, the runners must wait in the point of control where they have been stopped and wait for the organization indications to be evacuated.


  1. The race takes place unifying different routes that border the cost between the towns of Caión ( A Laracha Council) and O Pindo (Carnota Council). Between this two routes are located the Ruta dos Pinos no Mar, Camiño dos Faros and Ruta del Monte Pindo among others.
  2. It will come from Caión (A Laracha) and will end in o Pindo (Carnota) after 7 legs with finals in Malpica, Ponteceso, Laxe, Camariñas, Muxía, Fisterra and O Pindo.
  3. It will pass across 14 councils of the named Costa da Morte: A Laracha, Carballo, Malpica de Bergantiños, Ponteceso, Cabana de Bergantiños, Laxe, Vimianzo, Camariñas, Muxía, Cee, Fisterra, Mazaricos and Carnota.
  4. The route crosses natural areas of great beauty and special protection under the Red Natura´s 2000 legislation (ZEPA and LIC-ZEC). The organization will look after the strict compliance of the rules in environmental issues. Any infraction by any participant means immediate disqualification.
  5. Some stretches are shared wheeled traffic so the participants should be specially careful and they must respect the circulation rules of the legislation in force.
  6. The UTCM 2018 tour is open and public to the rest of hikers, sportsman and any citizen that wishes to go trough them.
  7. It will be taken advantage of every night dinner to realize the briefing of the next day leg. In it will be explained details and the weather expected.
  8. In case of being obligated to change the route for force majeure, it will be informed as soon as possible.
  9. The length, incline, provisioning and times of each stage could be checked in the event web http://www.utcm.run.


  1. The totality of the race will be signalized by beacon tape and own posters.
  2. In addition the participant must take any type of GPS device that allows him to consult the route in a doubt moment. The organization won´t have GPS devices.
  3. The organization would give the participants, in time and form, the tracks of each stage as well as the variations, if they were, before the race starts.
  4. The participants will be the responsibles of downloading the track of http://www.utcm.run, charge it in the GPS and check the proper operation of it. The participants are also responsibles of the maintenance and battery charging before each stage.
  5. Finally the organization will provide the first day dorsals pick-up, an every stage map set in a legibly scale to be able to follow the marked route without problems.
  6. It will be necessary to all participants to take the map of each stage, and to know how to interpret it.
  7. The organization will notify properly de details briefing in of the next day stage. It will be during the dinners.


  1. The race will have conditions of semi self-sufficiency, it means that every participant will be resposible of managing the food and drink necessary to to realize each stage. The UTCM 2018 it´s a race that requires physic and mental preparation and a correct manage of strength.In this sense , it´s very recommendable to have experience with long distance activities contested in middle or high mountain.
  2. The organization will provide between two and for provisioning (it depends on the length of the legs) solids and liquids (they will be informed on the web in the section of the event notifications). At the end of each stage it will exist a complete provisioning to every participant.


  1. In the UTCM 2018 official web a cut-off timetable will be published in the different stages.
  2. The participants that arrive to a control point out of the deadline will be automatically disqualified of the stage. They could decide if they want to continue the stage under their complete responsibility and previously informing the organization their decision of carry on.
  3. The time disqualification will not suppose the refund of partial or total inscription amount.
  4. The time disqualified participant will be able to take part of the stage start, although they won´t be considered as a UTCM 2018 FINISHER.


  1. The participants that decide to pull out the UTCM 2018 must retire in one of the control points and inform the organization. Just an accident or critical situation will justify a participant withdrawal in another route point now that it will mean a land or aerial rescue.
  2. The organization is only engaged to transport the participants to the stage ending point if they have pulled out in a motorized access point.
  3. The organization will transport the participants that have puled out if the race continues perfectly and the participants health is not involved.
  4. The organization guarantees the totality of the hired services despite the fact that they wont continue with the competition.
  5. The participate who pulls out in any stages will not be able to continue with the race and it wont be considered UTCM 2018 FINISHER.
  6. In case or withdrawal of one of the couple members, the other participant will have the option of continue in competition in an individual modality respecting the accumulated times in the previous stages. If the UTCM 2018 is completed he will be considered as FINISHER but he wouldn´t be part of the official classification, because it´s only valid considering the classifications of the pairs that have been registered and have started in the UTCM 2018 first stage. In addition they cannot participate as individual runners due to that it´s supposed that the stages completed in pairs could have better times than most of the individual participants.
  7. The medical assistances and/or the organization can force a participant to pull out, or force him to make a stop if they consider that it exists a health risk.
  8. The withdrawal is not a cause of a partial or total refund of the inscription amount.


  1. In the UTCM 2018 will be able to participate every (male or female) age greater or equal to 18 years old with a good physic health, with experience in ultra distance events, that have done an appropriate training to overcome difficulties of 7 competition days, accept and respect the regulations, register correctly before the deadlines stipulated and make the complete payment of the amount required.
  2. They exist two kinds of modalities: individual and in pairs.
  3. The pairs can be mixed or same sex-ed.
  4. The organization will not form the pairs, they have to be formed previously to the inscription, of mutual agreement between the participants and registering under the same pair name.
  5. The organization will dispose a section in the official web page were the participants can search a partner, they can publicize themselves and interact with participants in the same situation.
  6. The couple members must start every stage together, pass together the different control points and arrive together at the end of the stages. Don´t compliance this rule mean a time penalty . If it happens another time we will proceed to disqualificate the couple of the competition, not being able to continue the next stages, the amount of the inscription won´t be refund and the services of the same will also be cancelled.
  7. The individual categories will be the following:
    1. Masculine senior: The age at the start of the race will be less than or equal to 40 years old.
    2. Masculine veteran I: The age at the start of the race will be less than or equal to 50 years old.
    3. Masculine veteran II: The age at the start of the race will be more than 50 years old.
    4. Feminine senior: The age at the start of the event will be less or equal than 40 years old.
    5. Feminine veteran I: The age at the star of the event will be more than 40 year old and less or equal than 50 years old.
    6. Feminine veteran II: The age at the start of the event will be more than 50 years old.
  8. The categories in pairs will be the following:
    1. Senior: The addition of the ages of the pair members at the start of the event will be less than 80 years.
    2. Veteran I: The addition of the ages of the pair members at the start of the event will be more than 80 but less than 100 year.
    3. Veteran II: The addition of the ages of the pair members at the start of the race will be more than 100 years.
  9. The UTCM 2018 will reward:
    1. Absolute male individual classification: To the first 3 classifieds of the general classification once the times of the 7 stages have been added.
    2. Absolute female individual classification: To the first 3 classifieds of the general classification once the times of the 7 stages have been added.
    3. Male senior individual classification: The top 3 classifieds of the senior male category once the 7-stage times have been added.
    4. Senior individual female classification: To the first 3 classifieds of the female senior category once added the times of the 7 stages.
    5. Veteran I individual male classification: To the first 3 classifieds of the category veteran I masculine once added the times of the 7 stages.
    6. Female veteran I individual classification: To the first 3 classifieds of the category veteran I women once added the times of the 7 stages.
    7. Veteran II male individual classification: To the first 3 classifieds of the category Veteran II male once added the times of the 7 stages.
    8. Veteran II female individual classification: To the first 3 classifieds of the category Veteran II female once added the times of the 7 stages.
    9. Absolute classification couples: To the first 3 classified couples of the general classification once the times of the 7 stages have been added.
    10. Senior Couples Classification: The first 3 couples classified in the category senior couples once added the times of the 7 stages.
    11. Veteran I couples classification: to the first 3 couples classified in the category veteran couples I once added the times of the 7 stages.
    12. Veteran II couples classification: to the first 3 couples classified in the category of veteran Couples II once added the times of the 7 stages.
  10. Every participant of both modalities that finalizes the 7 stages inside the stipulated times will receive the UTCM 2018 finisher price.
  11. The organization keeps the right of delete the categories that don’t have at least 3 participants at the start of the race.


  1. The general classifications will be done by adding up the times of every stages.
  2. The final winners will be the ones that have completed all the race stages in the shortest time.
  3. In case of pairs competition, if the two members don´t finish at the same time but inside the courtesy time of two minutes between members, it will count the time of the one delayed.


  1. The events realized in a natural environment some risks that provide control difficulties to every organizations. To minimize this risks and to augment the security of the participants each organization indicates a mandatory equipment and a recommended one.
  2. From the UTCM 2018 organization we appeal the responsibility of each participant and we pray attention to the exposed indications to avoid unnecessary sanctions.
  3. Each participant, of the no matter what modality, must carry the following equipment in every stage:
    1. Suitable footwear for the land on which the UTCM 2018 is developed: beaches, trails, forest tracks, cliffs, rocks, steep slopes, ...
    2. Technique clothes to face the possible adverse conditions of the coast or the mountain (cold,strong wind, rain…).
    3. Glass or recipient to carry liquids (for ecological reasons, glasses wont be done to the participants).
    4. Thermal blanket.
    5. Enough food reserve (minimum 200 calories at the star of every stage) to face de unexpected conditions and knowing that the event is realized in self-sufficiency conditions.
    6. Whistle. The one that comes with the backpacks is enough if it works correctly.
    7. ID card.
    8. Dorsal given by the organization.
    9. Following tracker given by the organization.
    10. GPS system with the track of every stage and battery charged before the starts.
    11. Route map given by the organization.
    12. Mobile phone battery charged at the star of every stage and turned on during all the leg.
    13. Basic fist-aid kit to treat little wounds or chafings.
  4. The organization keeps the right of eliminating any element on the previous list if the integrity and security of every participant is assured.
  5. In addition, the organization recommends the following non mandatory equipment:
    1. Walking sticks.
    2. Water purification tablets if the participant needs to take water of a public fountain which potability escapes the control of the organization.
    3. Gloves, neck warmers and hat in case of cold and wind.
    4. Spare battery or portable charger for the phone or the GPS.
    5. Sun cream.
    6. Anti-chaffing cream.
    7. GSunglasses.
    8. Cash (20 €/stage) in case of emergency.


  1. The organization, the volunteers, the responsibles of provisioning or control points and the members of the medical service will have authority to penalize in the UTCM 2018.
  2. The infractions could incur in time sanctions or disqualification to the transgressive participants:
    1. Not respecting the entirety of this regulation.
    2. Using any kind of mechanical propellant/transport.
    3. Leave the stipulated route.
    4. Cover, fold or modify the dorsal.
    5. In the pairs competition arriving with more than 2 difference minutes between the members.
    6. Assistance or provisioning from people not from the organization.
    7. Using non authorised transport during the race.
    8. Run with someone else who is not registered in the UTCM 2018. Either by vehicle, by bike, walking or running next to him.
    9. Littering consciously (packaging, water bottles, organic materials, etc) out of the enable points.
    10. Any behavior or attitude that harms or degrades the environment in which the event takes place.
    11. Show an unsportsmanlike attitude.
    12. Doping.
    13. Not having a mandatory element at any moment of the stage.
    14. Do not help another participant in distress. ( accident, exhaustion, illness, hypothermia…).
    15. Do not go through a checkpoint.
    16. Any other ethic or regulation foul.
  3. Each one of these fouls can be accumulated as many times as is committed.
  4. The organization will select an event jury who will be responsible of looking out for the correct compliance of the race rules, applying the sanctions that they judge as necessary according to the present regulations.
  5. The organization will be able to establish the control points that they deem appropriate throughout the stages, without informing the participants their locations.
  6. The jury will be responsible of dealing with the possible complaints related to the classification, sanctions or disqualifications applied in each stage. The complaints must be carried up to a maximum of 30 minutes after finalizing ( individually or in pairs) the stage.
  7. Disqualification will not suppose a total or partial refund of the inscription amount, assuring The possibility of continue enjoying the hired services excepting continuing the race.


  1. The mere fact of registering in the UTCM 2018, every participant has an sports accident insurance according to the Sports Law adopted by the Legislative Decree 1/2000, the 31st July, and that meets the requirements of the aforementioned law:
    1. Civil responsibility insurance.
    2. Compensation for anatomical loss, functional or decease.
    3. Unlimited sanitary assistance in the arranged centres.
  2. The organization will not be responsible and therefore, the insurance will not be applied in case of:
    1. Illness.
    2. caused by imprudence or negligence of the participant.
    3. Laws violation.
    4. Breach the present regulation.
  3. The insurance will cover the participant the days between 15 and 21 September 2018.


  1. The accident and medical assistance in an event of this entity is crucial to preserve everyone´s health. That´s why the organization will look out for the security and the safety of every participant at any moment.
  2. The rules of this point are directed exclusively to safeguard every participant safety. That´s why from this organization we pray the participants to comply them strictly.
  3. During all the event the organization will coordinate:
    1. Medical team.
    2. Sanitary team.
    3. Rescue team.
    4. Civil protection team.
  4. There may be random or general control points.
  5. It will be reason of UTCM 2018 disqualification:
    1. Deny the fulfilment of a medical or sanitary point.
    2. Disrespect the members of the medical or sanitary team.
  6. Every runner will be subject to medical judgement when the medical team considers it necessary, being this valuation that will prevail any other, the sanitary time will be able to:
    1. Take out of the test every runner that they consider is not able to continue.
    2. Order the evacuation of any runner that they consider is in danger.
    3. Order the hospitalization of any runner that they consider as necessary.
  7. The race direction will never question the judgement or the verdicts of the medical team and it won´t be responsible of the consequences of breaching the medical team may have on the runner.


  1. All athletes are obliged to help anyone who needs it, within their own capacities and knowledge. Omitting a need for help can incur in a serious infraction, stipulated by the Spanish legislation.
  2. If the runner or a partner cannot arrive at the provisioning or control point by himself due to an accident or a medical emergency they will have to follow the following guidelines:
    1. If there is mobile coverage: call the emergency number showed on the dorsals and in the route maps. They must describe the situation and follow the given instructions.
    2. If there is no mobile coverage: call 112 and say:
      1. That we are UTCM 2018 participants.
      2. The estimated point where we will meet.
      3. Medical emergency that is affecting us.
      4. Name and dorsal number, your own number or your partners number (in case of assisting him).
  3. Keep in mind that during the UTCM 2018 route there will be areas with low mobile coverage and areas that will only be accessible on foot, that means that assistance or rescue times can be prolonged. It will be necessary:
    1. If it´s possible, move to a mobile coverage area inside the track of the official route, to be in permanent contact with the emergency number given by the organization.
    2. Once the help is requested the medias will be mobilized based on the obtained information, that´s why the given information has to be as clear as possible to realize successful assistance.
    3. You won´t be able to leave the race track, that will difficult the localization.
    4. Any change produced between the emergency call and the localization moment has to be informed.
    5. When you prepare the mandatory and volunteer equipment, keep in mind that we will have to be prepared to face situations of slow shifting or long wait in adverse weather conditions.
    6. Any change that occurs between the time of requesting assistance and our location should be communicated.


  1. The organization has the possibility of registering friends or family as companions in the UTCM 2018.
  2. They will have services like:
    1. Displacement.
    2. Lodging and breakfast.
    3. Meals and dinners.
  3. This option will be only available to accompany a registered participant.
  4. In the inscription moment you must indicate the accompanied participant.
  5. The companions registration will be done through the UTCM 2018 official web.
  6. The companions registration will be considered valid when the 100% of the payment is done and the information verified.
  7. The inscriptions can be carried out till the 31st July 2018.
  8. Prices and categories of the participant inscription: they can be held to special reductions that the organization consider as appropriate:
    1. BASIC: Includes the dinners from the 14th to 21st September 2018 ( 8 dinners) and the ending meal the 22nd September. It does not include trasnsportation accommodation, breakfast,meals. That will have to be managed by the companions. 180 € person (VAT included).
    2. PPREMIUM: : Includes dinners from the 14th to 21st September 2018 (8 meals), hotel accommodation (double shared room) with breakfast from the 14th to 21st September 2018 (8 nights), trasnportation. 550 € person (VAT included).
  9. Cancellation, refunds, refund guarantee and event cancellation:
    1. Refund for cancellation with no refund guarantee: The registrations could be cancelled doesn´t matter the reason with the following conditions:
      1. 75% refund from the total amount if the cancellation is made till the 31st May 2018.
      2. 50% refund from the total amount if the cancellation is made between the 1st of June 2018 and the 31st July 2018.
    2. Refunds for cancellation with refund guarantee:The companions who have acquire a refund guarantee during the registration process (additional cost of 53 € for companion BASIC and 75 € for companions PREMIUM) will have the right of a 100% refund from the total amount (without including the hiring guarantee), providing that the participant presents a medical proof of an injury that prevents him of participating in the UTCM 2018. This guarantee finalizes the 31st July 2018.
    3. In both cases to request the refund it would be necessary send an e-mail to info@utcm.run requesting the cancellation, being the e-mail reception date the one that will establish the refund conditions according to the regulation.
    4. Cancellations from the 1st of August will loose the registration total amount.
  10. Cancellation conditions of the event will be the same as the stipulated in the article 6 from this regulation.
  11. The companion shall implicitly accept the articles 21, 22, 23 and 24 from this regulation about image rights, data protection, jurisdiction and modification, which are of equal application for companions and runners.


  1. The image right is a right recognized by the Spanish Constitution in the article 18.1 and regulated in the 5/1982 law date in 5th of March, about the honour right, the personal and family privacy and the own image, as well as the Organic Law 15/1999 of Privacy Character Data Protection from the 13th of December.
  2. The present regulation acceptance means that the participant/companion authorises the Sports Association Costa da Morte Outdoor Sports to take photos or film the participation in the UTCM 2018 and allows the commercial and advertising exploitation of every pictures done during the event with no right to claim compensation of any kind.
  3. In any case the image of the companions/participant will be used for other purpose than the indicated ones.
  4. Every companion or runner renounce to their image rights during the UTCM 2018.


  1. Compliance with Personal Character Data Protection established in the Organic Law 15/1999 dated in the 13th of December, informs the companions and participants that their personal data will belong to a private file property of the Sports Association Costa da Morte Outdoor Sports, as the organizer of this event and with the purpose of manage the organization, realization and event diffusion, the classification publication, the publications in media or internet as well as managing your security.
  2. The addressees of this data will be the organization and the companies or entities hired to manage with the timing, classifications, dorsal and runner bag delivery, insurance companies, medical services and other ones strictly necessary to give the best service and attention.
  3. The companion and participant has the responsibility of give the correct and veracity data and has the power of exercising access rights, rectification, cancellation and data opposition according to the Organic Law 15/1999 from the 113th December. He could exercise this rights writing at info@utcm.run e-mail account.
  4. The data cession will be made at the moment of formalizing the event registration in the UTCM 2018.


  1. Any complaint from the participant or companion to the organization, Sports Association Costa da Morte Outdoor Sports, with no considering the legal procedures is held to the limitation statute of a year from the event finalization contractually specified.
  2. The legal relation between the companion or participant and the organization Sports Association Costa da Morte Outdoor Sports will be entirely held to Spanish legislation.
  3. The jurisdiction place is the A Coruña province, Spain.


  1. Every UTCM 2018 companion or participant will accept entirely this regulation at the moment of formalising the registration and is engaged to scrupulously comply it.
  2. The organization keeps the right of modifying the present regulation if it´s considered opportune for the event proper functioning.
  3. The relevant modifications of the regulation will be properly announced in the web and social media as well as sent by e-mail to each one of the companions and participants registered in the moment of modifications.