The safety rules

should never be put on doubt

Yourself safety, the fists

Besides the organization gives the security measures required it is necessary that each participant brings a personal equipment that can help him in emergency situations that can´t be faced urgently by the adopted media and that are attached to an ultra distance event.

The equipment that each participant should have it´s classify in mandatory and recommended.


  1. Appropriate footwear to the area where the UTCM 2018 takes place: beaches, paths, forest tracks, cliffs, ,rocks, strong slopes...
  2. Technical clothing to face the possible coast or mountain adverse conditions (strong wind,rain, cold...).
  3. Glass or container to liquid provisioning (for ecological reasons the provisioning point won´t give glasses).
  4. Thermic blanket.
  5. Food reserve (minimum 200 calories at the start of each stage) to face the unexpected conditions and knowing that the event takes place in semi-selfsufficiency conditions.
  6. Whistle. It will be valid the one that comes with the hydration bags, allways that iwt works correctly.
  7. ID.
  8. Dorsal given by the organization.
  9. Following tracker give by the organization.
  10. GPS device with the track of each stage and battery on at the starts.
  11. Route map and stage profile given by the organization.
  12. Mobile phone with battery on at the start of each stage and on during all the race,
  13. Little first-aid kit with material to cure little bounds or blisters.

The organization keeps the right of deleting the mandatory of any of his elements if the safety and integrity of the participants is insured.

Equipment controls will be done at the start and at some points of each stage.

Not having any of the mentioned elements will mean a time sanction, or in the case of recourrence it will mean disqualification.


  1. Walking sticks.
  2. Water treatment pill if it´s necessary to drink water of the fountains which not are under the organization control.
  3. Gloves, neck gaiter or hat in case of wind or cold.
  4. Replacement battery or portable charger for the phone and GPS.
  5. Sun cream.
  6. Anti-chaffing cream.
  7. Sunglasses.
  8. Cash (20 € for stage) if it´s necessary.

Not having any of this elements will not mean a time sanction or disqualification.