The more hard the challenge

the more proud we are when we reach it

14 councils, 7 stages, 265 kms, 9.000 m D+

The Ultra Trail Costa da Morte it´s a long distance trail running race divided in 7 stages. For a few years the stages events exist. A few years ago the famous ones were born, Marathon des Sables, Transalpine Run and others. But their logistics and prices discourage in many cases the participation.

We understand that the Costa da Morte is a privileged place to hold an event like this that´s why we have enlisted in this project. We want you to enjoy this sport that we are passionate about without neglecting at any moment the services required. That´s why we will give you two packages with your needs. It will be important to participate in the ending dinners from each stage, there we will celebrate each stage briefing, we will show images of every day, and, the most important thing, we will know each other and we will share unforgettable moments. That the organization receives your daily feedback. Any improvement that contributes value to the event will be accepted for subsequent analysis.

There will be 7 stages with difficulty, sensations and different landscapes. It will be an experience that you can enjoy individually or in teams of 2 people. It will also be an adventure where your family can accompany you. Where you can return the effort that loved ones do while preparing a test or go out to compete.

The tour will unify the main routes in Costa da Morte. Forest tracks, mounts, beaches, small villages and seaside towns conform an attractive trip for every athlete who loves nature.

To minimize the inherent risks of any outdoor sport from the Organization we will look after your safety. It requires engagement from the two parts but it will benefit the participants. The event could be followed in the internet, familiars and friends will be able to know your location and classification at any moment.

You can enjoy the evenings with your family, do a little sightseeing, rest or fraternise.

In this race we will count with local enterprises to provide the necessary services. We want this competition to be dynamic and useful to the area.

In short, if you want to enjoy your sport during a week while you discover a new and beautiful territory, with your loved ones while you meet other participants, this is the challenge we propose to you.

If you still do not daring, keep reading the other web sections and we hope to convince you.