Lets enjoy our lives

loving mother nature

Let´s take care of the environment that we tread

Every sportive event that takes place in a natural environment must preserve the route before, during and at the end of the race.

The Costa da Morte has natural spaces with special protection. It takes part of the Red Natura 2000 and has the protection of LIC (Lugares de Importancia Comunitaria) and ZEPA (Zonas de Especial Protección para las Aves). LIC areas are Costa da Morte and Carnota – Monte Pindo and ZEPA areas are (North) Costa da Morte. Obviously this areas will have our special protection and we will take action to preserve them.

The birds use Costa da Morte as migration route between Europe and America. It has stuarys where you can admire lots of birds from different lookouts. The Laguna de Traba and the Anllóns with his mouth are very rich areas as far as it is concerned the number of spotted species.

Each stage will have measures to look after the environment that will include sanctions in case of not being followed, disqualification between them. We will be very strict in this area because we love our land and we will love to have other editions events like this too.

Measures like not providing glasses in the provisioning points, disposition of trash bins in the special areas, gel mark of each participant, track inspection and other will able us to keep our engagement with the environment.

We will also have other measures such as not carrying out physiological needs in aquifers, not carrying out field work, ... to avoid deterioration and not to disturb the fauna.

The organization and volunteers will have the necessary training to preserve the environment and they will look after for the strictly compliance at any moment.

If we want to preserve the environment and keep enjoying it we must follow scrupulously the rules for the welfare of all, and specially for the outdoor sports survival.