Coast of the senses

See, hear, smell and feel will attenuate our suffering

Coast of the Death, Coast of the life

Numerous shipwrecks occurred over the centuries have given that name to the coast. The studies form that in 1569, 25 of the Spanish Army sinked before a terrible storm causing 1706 victims. The history continued giving us disagreeable news like the catastrophes star in the English ships Wolfstrong (1870), Irish Hull (1883) and HSM Serpent (1890) between many others. In recent decades other ships suffered the same misadventure. For example the Barona (1965), Casón (1987) and the most recent the Prestige (2002).

To these catastrophes suffered by ships from other latitudes we have to add the ones suffered by our local float. Fishing gave food to many families, and in their daily search for sustenance, many of them lost some of their members while they entered the harsh Atlantic waters.

But the Costa da Morte isn´t only death and destruction, as its name may indicate. Costa da Morte is life, dreamlands, seaside villages, long beaches and small bays, lighthouses, kind and hard-working people. It´s fishing and agriculture. It´s tradition and modernity. It´s gastronomy and party.

For some years, local projects have been born that try to spread the area abroad. As a result of that effort every year, many visitors come from different parts of the world.

Costa da Morte has 17 councils, 14 of them traversed by the Ultra Trail Costa da Morte. From this event we try to attract tourists from different perspectives, being nature and sports the main points. From the Organization of this event we want to make our contribution promoting this wonderful land.

As connoisseurs of the environment where the event will take place we have to say that every day will be different for the participants. As well as the landscape, the colours and the field.

We claim that the sensations will be very varied but gratifying at the same time. This journey will bring you sensations as pleasant that at the end you will change the name Coast of Death to Coast of Life.